We are proud to offer a variety of massage modalities and services to choose from .  This allows our clients to find the type of massage to meet their needs to improve and maintain their physical well-being.   This may mean that a combination of different modalities will be used with-in a session.  Massage is more than a "special occasion" treat. Today, more people and health professionals are seeing it as a way to relieve sore tired muscles, recover from injuries, de-stress and take care of their body as a whole.  For some if has become a necessity to function in everyday life. 


Relaxation Massage: consists of a repetition of light gliding strokes of even pressure.  It is used to induce feelings of relaxation, identify areas of tension, enhance circulation within the circulatory and lymphatic systems, lower stress levels and create a sense of calmness and overall well-being.  Usually a full body massage which includes relaxing head, face, hand and foot work. 

Deep Tissue Massage:  slow, deeper strokes are used along with increased pressure to create a broadening or lengthening effect on the muscular tissue.  This also supports blood and lymph flow back to the heart and has a longer lasting affect on capillary dilation which increases blood flow in superficial tissues.   Can be a full body massage but most often specific problem areas or injuries are focused on to get the most benefit out of the session. 

Trigger Point Therapy:  usually used in conjunction with deep tissue, it is more focused work on specific, high tension areas within the muscular tissue.  A trigger point is characterized by a taut band of muscle fibers or fascia that is tender to the touch and highly irritable.  It usually has referred pain that travels out side of the spot to different areas of the body and/or loss of range of motion.  Trigger points also cause the muscle(s) to be shorter than then should be therefor they can't function at their full level of ability. 

Trigger point therapy is a technique used to alleviate chronic pain and dysfunction by releasing the taut band of muscle fibers through increased pressure until there is a relief in tension.  This is followed by the application of long, deep massage strokes in different directions to best benefit the release of the trigger point and the surrounding muscles.  Body positioning and stretching may be used to activate the muscle and further help to release the affected muscle.   

Prenatal Massage: Massage for the Mom to be.  The session is done in a sideline position with support from pillows and bolsters.  Extra focus on specific problem areas associated with pregnancy such as hips, low back, and feet. 

Sports Massage:  Geared towards athletes who participate in sports or those individuals who just like to work out.  The focus will be on the specific muscular areas that the client uses for their specific sport or athletic routine. It is used to help muscles prepare and recover from athletic performances as well as promote flexibility, health and emotional well-being of the athlete. 

Dry Skin Exfoliation Treatment:  Start off with a whole body dry-glove exfoliation treatment followed by a 1 hour massage using hydrating lotion for invigorated and fresh skin.   Stimulates the immune system too!

Raindrop Therapy:  This Gentle, relaxing massage treatment using Young Living Therapeutic Grad Essential Oils is a safe noninvasive technique for spinal health and healing.  It may relieve back issues, stimulate the immune system, create energetic balance in the body and give an overall "reboot".